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The benefits of using Harvest Real Estate Services


  • Take the worry off your shoulders
  • Save you time, work and stress
  • Do all the advertising and take rental calls day and night and on weekends
  • Screen all applicants and do a thorough credit and landlord check
  • All perspective tenants will be thoroughly screened before submitting to you for approval
  • Do the walk through with the new tenant and fill out the move-in inspection report
  • Take all tenant calls, day or night
  • Maintain a reliable list of repair services to do business with to solve any problem
  • Deal with tenants on tough issues such as collection of rent or NSF checks
  • Send out letters or phone tenants regarding maintenance and repair of the property
  • Immediately contact tenants at the end of the grace period to stop deliquent payments
  • Serve 3 day notices and start evictions proceedings if required
  • Handle the move out, accounting report and refund check to the tenant
  • If required, we start the rental process all over again
  • Evaluate the condition of the property monthly for damage or neglect
  • We can also list any property you want to put on the market or help you find more investment properties you are seeking




Give us, Harvest Real Estate Services, the opportunity to serve you. With all the services we provide, we make it easy for you to have rental property. Call Ken or Christy (951) 992-1459


Our goal is to keep your property in good condition with the best tenant possible. With the least amount of hassle for you.





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