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 We are a FULL SERVICE Real Estate Company with an emphasis on property management.  We have managed properties for over 20 years. We guarantee personalized service.  If your house is currently rented we charge only our normal monthly fee, If you are working with a management company that you are not satisfied with, give us a call.

Upon initiation of the management contract, we will require a copy of the insurance policy for the property, and at least one set of keys. If your property is vacant we have several avenues to use in order to attract attention. We place ads on the internet in several places to reach a larger volume of applicants including our website.

An inspection of the property is preformed to see if any repairs are required to get the property ready to rent.  When the inspection is done if any damage is found we consult with you as to what steps to take.

We work with you the owner to establish optimum rental rates which reflect the market place for rentals in the area.  After all the more income you get from your rental property the happier you will be.

If a current tenant is delinquent on his/her rent we work with him/her to get caught up, and, if it becomes necessary, we handle the eviction process. We then place a reliable, financially stable tenant in your rental property.

Rental rates are reviewed every year. Rates are usually raised once every 2-3 years between 5% + API providing the market will bare the increase and after you approve recommended increase.

You are kept advised monthly on payments and any repairs required. We send all copies of invoices to you for your records. At years end we send out an annual accounting statement for tax purposes.

Most owners do direct deposit how ever if you prefer check, checks are mailed out to you by the 10th of each month provided the tenant has paid the rent on time. However, if the tenant has not paid by the end of the grace period (the 6th of the month) we contact you immediately then contact the tenant for explanation of non payment of rent. Our goal is to keep the tenant current and staying in the rental property. We are always available 24/7 for any questions, or concerns you or the tenant may have.

When repairs are required which are over budget we contact you  regarding the problem in major situations, if minor we keep a reserve in your account to cover the little cost. We do keep repair men on staff,  all major repairs are bided out for the best price and fastest service. We use well qualified service people that are known for the service they provide and have been in the industry for a while. When we get bids for jobs we contact you to let you know the price for the repair and get approval to proceed if it exceeds our standard $200-$300 maintenance reserve. All major repairs are discussed with you first before we proceed.



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