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Rent is due on the first of the month and considered late on the fifth. The late fee is 6% of the rent. The owner receives 50% of all late fees collected. The rental contract includes a vacating the property clause, which required the tenant to give thirty days written notice of contract termination.

Owners receive payment of rent between the fifth and the tenth of each month from our trust fund account. If you already have a good tenant accustomed to paying with personal checks, we will continue to honor this arrangement until the tenant moves, defaults on the rent, or writes a bad check.

On the morning of the sixth (end of the grace period), we serve a "THREE DAY NOTICE TO PAY OR QUIT" on any property for which we have not received the rent. We notify the owner on the 6th day to report a possible problem and that we are in the process of serving the proper notice. No excuses, no exceptions

If we don't hear from the tenant or receive the rent with the late fees, the tenant is personally contacted at work or at home. If we can not work out a solid solution  approved by the owner and HRES. They are given two options: (1) they can bring the payment and late fees immediately to our office or (2) they must vacate the property immediately, and turn in the keys. If they refuse both of these options we start the eviction process and the account is turned over to our eviction attorney and we file a formal eviction notice.

Once the eviction process has begun the owner is contacted weekly and given a progress report. The bottom line is, when a tenant doesn't pay they must be dealt with quickly and legally. Time is money when a tenant is in default.

We apply legal and financial leverage with clear communication to the tenant. The average eviction takes about forty five days from the day it is filed. Our goal is not to harass the tenant,  but to keep the property occupied with stable tenants.

Also, while your property  is in rent default we do not collect a management fee. Only when a qualified tenant is in place do we collect our monthly fee.

We want our property owners to know we appreciate the confidence and trust they place in us.  We work hard to build the confidence a property owner should have in their property manager and to know their property is in good hands and well taken care of.

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